Submitting music to Outpost Radio stations

As a 24-hour internet station that must report a detailed list of plays to five licensing authorities (Sound Exchange, BMI, etc.), we can only accept CDs (preferred) or MP3 files with complete title, artist, and album tags as described below.

For released albums, we prefer to work from CDs for consistency of sound, tagging, artwork, etc. To send a CD, please request our mailing address here.

We can accept electronic submissions as described below. Note that we cannot legally take music from YouTube, Spotify, etc.

We report folk/acoustic adds weekly to FolkDJ and NACC. Note that NACC does not report advance releases or digital-only releases. Our recent adds are also displayed on our web page. We do not send email notifications when submissions are added.

Digital Submissions

  • Albums must be submitted as a single .zip file as described below.
  • If you have a complete set of mp3 files for an album:
  • Make a .zip file with all album tracks, artwork, and info.
  • The tracks must be .mp3, 192 kbps or higher, and tagged with title, artist, and album.

  • We can only accept albums via Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive
  • Send the link to us at
  • Release packages which include multiple formats (.wav, etc) in addition to mp3 are welcome.
  • A single must be an .mp3 file as described above.
  • Send the file using one of the transfer methods listed above.
Important points:
  • Proper mp3 tags are essential for license plays reports and are displayed for listeners. Untagged files are not usable.
  • Do not send any file types except .mp3 as described above.
  • For MP3 files, 256kbps CBR is the recommended format.
Caution: All too often, digital files are found to be unusable during processing and must be discarded. Lack of complete and correct tags is the most common problem. We are not able to notify submitters when this happens.


Dan Murphy
Outpost Radio