Tips for Internat Radio Users

Outpost Radio Stations on Amazon Alexa devices

  • First, go to "browse skills", find "My Tuner Radio" and add it.
  • To play a station, say "Alexa, tell My Tuner Radio to play" the name of the station. For example, "Alexa, tell My Tuner Radio to play 57 Chevy Radio"

Can't get the station on your internet radio? Here are some hints and thing to try:

  • Delete the existing preset, then search for the station and add it again. One listener using a Bose radio reported success this way: "...log out from account and reload . Then added URL in settings and it worked."

  • If that doesn't work, the directory used by the radio brand may need an update. The various brands use different directories, and some only accept update requests from users of their device. Try visiting their website and asking for an update. If you are asked to provide the new stream URL, use the one shown in the table below.

  • You may also be able to enter the stream URL (below) directly into your radio. Check your owner manual or online help for how to do that.
(click to play)
Stream URLEmail Station
The Acoustic Outpost Email
Bob Dylan Tracks Email
57 Chevy Radio Email
Feel Good Rock Email
Love Songs Cafe Email
57 Chevy Love Songs Email
Christmas Oldies Email
Organ Magic Email
Michigan Don's Oldies Email
DC Rock Radio Email

Note: All stream URLs above may be entered as https: if required by device or site.

If none of the above works, email the station (above) and tell us about the problem, including the brand of radio and what you already tried.