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The latest releases from contemporary singer-songwriters

Folk Frontier
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The latest releases from contemporary singer-songwriters. Sister station of The Acoustic Outpost

Folk Frontier is a 24/7 internet radio station supported by in-stream ads.

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Playing today:

Steve Madewell
Janet Bates
Ella Harp
Jared Rabin
Chuck Hall
Nico Padden
Red Molly
Gordonville, U.s.a.
Robin & Linda Williams
John Mccutcheon
Aspen Jacobsen
Rob Heath
Susan Cattaneo
Steve Dawson
Rigby Summer
Crowes Pasture
George Mann
Terry Kitchen
Jason Erie
Genevieve Racette
The Other Favorites
Ken Dunn
Ron Israel
Judy Nazemetz
... and 130 more.

Recent album adds:

Kate Magdalena - Acoustic Rainbow Roots Volume 52
Dave Clancy - Acoustic Rainbow Roots Volume 52
Ian Mcferon - West Wind
Steve Madewell - Hometown Blues
Giulia Millanta - Woman on the Moon
Ernest Troost - Saving The Republic
Abbie Gardner - Dobrosinger
Susan Cattaneo - All is Quiet
Wolf & Clover - Twelvemonth And A Day
Jason Erie - Tiny Fires
Amy Speace - Tucson
Steve Lundquist - My Life In Song
Annette Adler - Mama Proud
Genevieve Racette - Satellite
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus - Going the Distance
Chuck Brodsky - Gravity, Wings, And Heavy Things
Kenny White - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Sue Horowitz - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer & Tom Paxton - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Cosy Sheridan - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Max Ferguson - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Grace Morrison - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Kevin Burgess Project - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Dalia Davis - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Dave Fry - FOLK NOW - May 2022
Mitch Katz - FOLK NOW - May 2022

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